A page where you can read on the various services and products that I have personally used. I do not receive any kind of incentive or commission in writing these. I am sharing what I have benefitted so that others can benefit from it too! Enjoy life! :)


Holding Hands

Reiki Rays


For people who are keen to know more about Reiki or people who want resources on Reiki, this is a good place. Lots of information here...

Bullet Journal

Action for Happiness Monthly Calendar

Self-care, Self-love

Similar to Reiki Rays, Action for Happiness.org produces beautiful monthly Calendars that dedicates a monthly theme. Download it and be inspired...Benefits are that it is easily understandable by anyone. :)

Smiley Pool Balls

Action for Happiness.org

Healing, Motivation, Inspiration

Motivate and Inspire yourself and then you can influence the rest. Action for Happiness.org has many resources on how to make positive changes on ourselves first before going to others. A good website to visit for all...

Woman in Lotus Pose

International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres

Healing, Motivation, Inspiration

Receive daily doses of selected teachings from the scriptures and works of Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda through email subscription. A useful tool for anyone wanting to seek wisdom...


Reiki Monthly Calendar

Self-care, Self-love

Reiki Rays produces beautiful monthly Reiki Calendars that dedicates a monthly theme. Download it and be inspired...