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Esther is not new to the world of online business. Her first online store was named, “Eden of Frodo & Elvis” where she primarily catered selling natural and organic baby and children skincare ranges. She brought into Singapore market brands such as California Baby, Badger, Wise Ways, Mi Amore, Mama Roses Naturals, Heal My Hands, Wise Ways Herbals, Bum Bum Balm, Brigit Organics, Buddha Nose Products and more. In addition to that, she also brought in soy candles to Singapore. As days went, market trends changed and there were big distributors coming in to sell some of the brands. Prices had be matched with the distributors. As Esther was not happy to increase the prices of items, she ceased and closed that online store. 

After a few years later, Esther came up with the concept of Within Senses and Senseful Crafts. Within Senses focused more on natural therapies, yoga, meditation and Reiki whereas Senseful Crafts was an online store selling soy candles, fair trade handmade soaps and crafts. 

Esther has always been fascinated and inspired by a creation/ painting/sewing done by someone using their imagination and by hands. We are now living in a completely technology-based environment, where almost everything is becoming more and more digitalized. Despite the world trend is towards digitalization and modernisation, there are many places in the world where things are still handmade from scratch. As such, wanting to provide artisans and farmers with a way to earn a rightful livelihood, Esther embarked on a journey to source for village and artisan crafts that are purely handmade and purchased under fair trade terms. All crafts that were sold via the online store Senseful crafts was totally handmade, cruelty-free, environmentally friendly and were sourced and purchased on fair trade terms.

Esther strongly believes that senses need not be restricted to handicrafts only. Our daily living requires us to be more creative in using our senses. Organic/natural lifestyle is not new to her as she was always keen and inspired by the power of the herbs and natural living. Her Masters that she learned from since younger days have always introduced her to various works of medicine in the form of a paste, massage oils and much more. All of these organic, natural and herbal way of living has an important role to play in her daily life and also in her family. 

As much as she would have loved to continue to teach and manage the online store, things did not go according to the way she planned and wanted. Due to some constraints and the constant changing customer, students’ preferences, demands and needs, she has ceased operations of both the Within Senses (teaching and healing premise) and Senseful Crafts (online store). Instead of wasting and draining her energy to maintain both Senseful Crafts and Within Senses, she is now back to the corporate world. She is taking all the experiences and lessons that she had when she was in the holistic line full time and back to the Corporate world as a “new” person.

For more than 10 years, Esther has successfully served many customers via her online stores plus teaching and inspiring many students. She will be sharing her valuable holistic and spiritual knowledge and experiences via her blog that she takes time to write regularly on a weekly basis. 

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*Senseful Crafts SG is no longer active. 

"The true purpose [of Zen] is to see things as they are,

to observe things as they are, and to let everything go as it goes."

~ Shunryu Suzuki ~


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